First insert the Advanced Tabs macro into the page.

Advanced Tabs Settings

After the plugin is added to the page, settings for the tab display and the width can be made. The display option can be selected between horizontal and vertical. The width of the display can be set individually in either pixels (px) or percentage (%). We recommend setting a value to avoid unwanted content layout differences. Be sure to write either % or px after the number.

After clicking insert, the Advanced Tabs macro appears on the page. The field can be placed flexibly on the page, including within tables or sections. Within the Advanced tabs field, content such as text, images, documents, structural elements like tables, etc. can also be placed.

Adding Tabs

The next step is to add the individual tabs within the structure. To do this, click inside the Advanced Tab field and add a tab. An interface will appear, insert the name for the tab here.

You can add as many tabs as you want to a page. You are also able to place tabs within other tabs, which are so called sub-tabs.

With the Advanced Tab Macro, content can be grouped in multiple tabs. You can easily move tabs with the content inside the page, which simplifies usability and user experience.