Version 2.0.0  Released 2023-03-17  Supported By XALT Support  Free  Commercial - no charge

Announcing Version 2.0 of Advanced Repository Linking API for Bamboo: 

Enhanced Security and Performance

We are thrilled to annouce the release of Version 2.0 of our Advanced Repository Linking API for Bamboo.

This updated versions comes with improved security features to ensure the protection of your data and the integrity of your build plans. 

Key features include: 

  1. Enhanced Security: We have implemented additional security measures to protect your Bamboo server and linked repositories from unauthorized access.
  2. Imporved Performance: Version 2.0 offers faster response times and more efficent linking processes, helping you streamline your CI/CD workflows. 

Upgrade now to Version 2.0 and experience the benefit of enhanced security and improved performance.