After adding the plugin to your Confluence, the functionalities of the plugin will be immediately available.

Adding your status

On your Confluence page you have two different options on how to create and add a status to your page.

  1. You can click on other macros and create and add an individual status.
  2. You can insert a status from the predefined status set via shortcut, as seen in the image below. Add the page or project status by typing {todo, {inprogress, {done or other values, to insert the macro.

With the plugin, you'll never have to edit text and color of the status macro separately. The plugin allows to quick add the status into the confluence page without further editing.

Predefined status sets

For optimal use of the plugin, we offer a set of default status and predefined status sets. In total, there are 4 different predefined status sets, as seen below:

  • Tasks: To Do, In Progress, Done
  • Priorities: Minor, Low, Medium, High, Major, Critical
  • Timeliness: New, Ready, Review

The administration of the Status Macro can be configured on the left sidebar. There, a predefined status set can be switched on or off.